Frequently Asked Questions for merchants and agents

What is Trriple?

Trriple is a mobile wallet (mWallet) solution that enables individuals, merchants and corporations to make their payments easy, fast and secure.

Trriple has two applications in the market, both present in Apple Store and Google Play:

  1. App for individuals: you can find our mobile wallet application in the App stores under the name of “Trriple”, with Trriple, you will be able to buy airtime for your phone or a friend in UAE and internationally, send money overseas, pay at merchant locations, pay your bills, save money and much more. Please contact our customer service line for more information and to learn how to start (Customer service number)
  2. App for merchants: you can find our mobile wallet app for merchants in the App Store and Google Play, it will enable you to top up Trriple customers’ mWallets, sell airtime top-up, receive payments form Trriple’s customers, pay to your providers via a merchant settlement, redeem customer vouchers.
What can I do with Trriple?

If you download Trriple’s merchant mobile wallet you will be able to:

- Sell local airtime top-up for mobile numbers from Du or Etisalat.
- Sell international airtime top up.
- Top up money to Trriple users.
- Receive payments from customers.
- Fund your mobile wallet by depositing cash in one of our super-agent locations or through your bank account.
- Register Trriple’s new users and get commissions for doing so.
- Become a Trriple Business Partners to get benefits and promotions.

Why should I choose Trriple?

If you choose us as your mobile wallet solution you will get a solution designed for you, ready to facilitate receiving payments and offer other services to your clients in an easy and secure way, also, with Trriple you will access to multiple benefits, such as voucher redeem and a payment aggregation for many services coming soon.

But that is not all; you will be supporting a socially responsible company that supports the vision of UAE government towards a cashless society, integrating your business with a digital solution that can reduce exclusion barriers and the carbon footprint generated by the production of cash (money). Trriple as a company is driven by the three P principle: People, Plant and Prosperity.

How can I be a Trriple mWallet agent/merchant?

Please call TRRIPLE’s Customer Service and tell our representative that you want to register your business with Trriple:

  1. Our staff will inform you about all the conditions of the service and about the commissions we pay.
  2. Our staff will explain to you the registration process and will program a sales representative visit for you.
  3. Our staff will send you an e-mail with a confirmation on the sales rep visit to complete the process.
  4. The Sales staff will take you through the registration process.
  5. After finishing the registration process, you will be able to use Trriple application for merchants.
How can I deposit into my Trriple merchant/agent account?

As a merchant or agent, you can top up your account in four different ways:

  • Make us a bank transfer to our Bank Account.
  • Deposit to our account in one of the branches of our Bank Branches.
  • Deposit money at our office in Emarat Atrium Building, office 307, Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay.
  • Deposit money at a Wall Street Exchange branch
If you deposit in our bank or made a bank transfer, your deposit might take a few hours to be reflected in your mobile wallet account. If you make your deposit at our office or a Wall Street Exchange branch, it will be reflected immediately. Our Bank Information will be available for you as part of your Registration Records.

What are the commissions?

Trriple Pays Commission on the following Service and Transactions:

  • For every customer onboarding.
  • For every customer cash in.
  • For every customer cash out.
For none Trriple user transactions:

  • Per each airtime top-up for UAE numbers in cash.
  • Per each International airtime top.
These commissions only apply to Trriple agents.

What are the costs?

  • Payment to merchants: we charge a fee of 1.0%
  • There are no account management charges
  • There are no registration charges.
  • Payment Acceptance is available for all merchants from day one, for other services the merchant needs to pre-fund its mobile wallet account before offering them.
What is Log In PIN?

The Log In PIN is a four-digit security code that you need to define when you register as a Trriple merchant/agent. This PIN (Private identification number) will allow you to access your TRRIPLE mobile wallet account and once you are signed in it won’t be asking you for it again, unless you got disconnected.

What is Transaction PIN or TPIN?

The Transaction PIN or TPIN is a four-digit security code that will allow us to verify your identity when you do a transaction. You need to define this PIN (Private identification number) during the registration process. It must be different from your login PIN, and you will require it to proceed with all the transactions under your account.

What is the security question and what is it for?

It is a question that you will answer during the registration of your account; this question will be asked of you again, if you want to change any of your PINs or if you forgot them. This will allow us to verify your identity and process the PIN change.

I forgot my log in PIN, what do I do?

Don’t worry, getting back your account is fast and easy, please follow these steps:
  1. Open the application and press sign in
  2. Enter your mobile number and press “Forgot PIN.”
  3. You will receive an SMS with a 6-digit code; please enter it in the app
  4. Answer the security question
  5. Define a new login PIN and confirm it
I forgot my Transaction PIN, what do I do?

Don’t worry, getting a new Transaction PIN is fast and easy, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your mobile wallet
  2. Click on the settings button on the high right corner of the app
  3. Click on “Change transaction PIN.”
  4. Enter your mobile number
  5. You will receive an SMS with a code; please enter it in the App
  6. Answer the security question
  7. Define a new transaction PIN and confirm it
What do I do when I’m near my minimum balance in my Trriple account?

To be able to perform transactions such as cash in you´ll need to pre-fund your account again.

Why is Trriple secure?

Trriple uses a highly secure system, and has different levels of authentication to ensure that we are treating with the right person, we verify your identity by asking you the Login PIN to sign in to your account and the Transaction PIN to complete operations. We also verify that the transaction is coming from a registered device, therefore, if someone tries to access your account from another device, the system will reject the access and ask for the registration of the device by entering a code that comes to your mobile number.

What if I lose my phone?

Don’t worry. You will have a login PIN to access your account and a transaction PIN to complete your operations in the same; therefore, if somebody takes your phone, the person wouldn’t be able to steal your money without knowing the PINs.

If you lose your phone, you can activate your mobile wallet again in a new one using the mobile number you registered in Trriple.

What if I changed my phone number?

If you change your phone number permanently, please contact our customer service line to assist you on how to get your account in the new phone number.

Can I withdraw the pre-funded money from my Trriple account?

Yes, you can withdraw from your account at Trriple offices, at Wall Street Exchange locations and at your parent agent (if applicable).

When do I receive the money for the purchases made by the user in my business?

You will receive the payment for the purchases that the users make with their mobile wallet at your business at the end of each business day.

When do I receive the commissions for the transactions done?

We pay your commissions at the end of each month to your business bank account.

How can I close my Trriple mWallet account?

  1. To close your Trriple account, please call our support team to submit your account closure request at: +971 4 3790 087
  2. After identity verification your account will be marked as closed.
How long will the process take if I want to close my Trriple account and do cash-out?

The process will start immediately from the request time, and it will take 2 - 3 working days.

Can I re-open my Trriple account after closing it?

Yes, you can register again with any valid UAE mobile number, but if there's a chance that you might want to use your mWallet in the future, it's a good idea to keep your account open as there's no fees to keep it open without regular use.